BlendBCN, Europe's emerging festival for creative industries, finds its direction through the expert guidance of Bureau Paniert. This festival is more than an event; it's an avant-garde platform that merges all creative disciplines, fostering groundbreaking perspectives and dialogues. It aims to redefine the creative landscape by intertwining current trends with visionary ideas, addressing today's challenges through collaboration and creativity.

BlendBCN transcends traditional boundaries, spotlighting how creatives address societal challenges and ignite change. We aim to use creativity as a key to unlock amore inspiring future.

Our core concept:

“Future industries, Creative Present”

In short, "Present Future"


How do we create a unique and compelling identity for a festival like BlendBCN?


[.bp-list-item]Distinct Branding: Developing a unique tonality and content scheme[.bp-list-item]

[.bp-list-item]Clear Theme: Choosing a theme that resonates with the creative community[.bp-list-item]

[.bp-list-item]Digital Marketing: Utilizing social media and digital platforms for outreach and engagement[.bp-list-item]

[.bp-list-item]Quality Content: Curating diverse and high-quality narratives[.bp-list-item]

[.bp-list-item]Community Engagement: Fostering a community through interactions and collaborations across Europe[.bp-list-item]


As industries rapidly evolve, BlendBCN seizes this moment. It's a space where professionals, emerging artists, and new talents converge, enabling connections, discoveries, and collaborations across blurred lines of creative fields.

In addition to these resources, the campaign also hosted events to provide a more immersive experience and a sense of community for participants.

Crafting a festival's soul:

The art of shaping Brand Identity

1. Understanding the audience:

the inaugural step in this journey is a deep understanding of the target audience.
Who are they? What are their passions, their values? For a festival, the audience is not just a spectator but a participant in the experience. The brand must reflect their aspirations and speak their language, creating a sense of belonging and community. Creative to Creative.

2. Narrative is key:

a festival's brand identity is essentially its story. This narrative should be compelling, authentic, and consistent across all platforms. It's not just about what the festival offers in terms of events and attractions, but the larger story it tells about culture, art, and community.

3. Visual identity:

while narrative forms the soul, the visual identity is the face of the festival. This goes beyond logos and color schemes. It's about creating a visual language that can be adapted across various mediums, from billboards to social media posts, and that captures the essence of the festival's spirit.

4. Engagement beyond advertising:

Engagement is key. creating interactive experiences, leveraging social media, and initiating conversations that involve the audience in the brand-building process. It's about creating moments that are worth sharing.

5. Consistency across channels:

whether it’s through digital platforms, print media, or physical spaces, the brand identity must be coherent and consistent. This consistency helps in building recognition and reinforcing the festival's image in the minds of the audience.

6. Adapting and evolving:

a successful brand identity is not set in stone. It evolves, adapts, and grows with its audience. Feedback and engagement metrics should inform ongoing adjustments, ensuring that the festival stays relevant and resonant.

the creation of a brand identity for a festival is much like staging a performance. It requires understanding the audience, crafting a compelling narrative, creating a striking visual presence, engaging in meaningful interactions, maintaining consistency, and being open to evolution. When done right, it doesn’t just attract an audience — it builds a community.