This international media event took our audience on a journey to discover the beauty and passion behind the creation of traditional crafts, as seen through the eyes of contemporary artists and artisans. We explored the rich heritage and cultural significance of craftsmanship, bringing it to life, and showcasing the beauty and emotion of traditional techniques with those who know them best.


At our event, we offered [.span-wrapper] eleven personalized tours[.span-wrapper] that allowed international media attendees a deep dive, tailored to their specific interests and areas of expertise, to provide intimate encounters with master artisans and creators.  

The program covered a wide range of topics, from art and design to architecture, textiles, sculpture, conservation, alchemy, photography, and gastronomy – a vast scope that imparted a deeper understanding of the core qualities of artistic and artisanal production, and how they shape our contemporary world. We highlighted the transition of artisanal production into the 21st century, emphasizing the balance between preservation of tradition with [.span-wrapper]reinvention of craft.[.span-wrapper]

eleven personalized tours
reinvention of craft.

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