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27 87

Celebrating its seventh year, 27 87 introduces Per Sē, the first olfactive logo capturing the essence of the present. More than a scent, Per Sē is a sensory journey, combining avant-garde elements with a minimalist design. This new sensory universe goes beyond the bottle. The launch, supported by Bureau Paniert, embraces the concept of 'now.' It uses dance to depict continuous movement, emphasizing the ever-changing present and merging sensory exploration with artistic creativity.

BureauPaniert captured the zeitgeist, strategically crafting a narrative that amplifies the scent's innovative spirit, the collective now.


In developing a campaign for 27 87', we pondered essential questions of the “Now”. We crafted a narrative that celebrates the coexistence of the present moment — ever-evolving and fleeting.


Feel the moment we call 'now.'

Experience its immediacy, realizing that what you feel is fleeting. 

As soon as you sense it, it's gone. 

'Now' isn't static but constantly in motion. 

The present moment is always evolving, never still. 

The'now' exists briefly; it's impossible to hold onto. We can't keep it from vanishing, from becoming the next 'now.' 

Oddly enough, the moment is, in a real sense, nothing but itself. Its existence is its disappearance. 

The 'now' has no start or end. It's ever-changing.


Per Sē, 27 87's olfactory signature, is a dynamic celebration of the present, blending the 'now,' the achromatic, and individuality into a unique sensory experience that embodies the brand's ethos, 'There is No Scent Like the Present.'

In addition to these resources, the campaign also hosted events to provide a more immersive experience and a sense of community for participants.

Capturing the essence of now,

with every scent.

1. Establish Brand Narrative: At the heart of Per sē's launch is the crafting of a compelling story that embodies the brand's essence — a narrative that captures the fleeting present and weaves it into the fabric of a fragrance.

[.bp-list-item] As we delve deeper into the realm of Collective Consciousness, we are compelled to understand and embrace both our shared humanity and our unique Selves. In doing so, we create a symphony of human experience and innovation that resonates throughout the universe: The Collective Now[.bp-list-item]

2. Maintain Narrative Coherence: From the campaign film to the interactive elements of the digital experience, each touchpoint is meticulously aligned with the central theme, ensuring that the narrative resonates and remains intact across diverse channels.

3. Adapt and Evolve Strategically: The campaign agility ensures that Per sē remains relevant and continues to Their audience, reflecting the ever-changing essence of the now.

[.bp-list-item]Bureau Paniert and 27 87 have teamed up for a European media roadshow to introduce their new scent. Alongside this tour is the "Collective Now Voices"series, presenting diverse views on 'Now' from various experts. This initiative aims to showcase the myriad ways people understand and live in the present.Together, the roadshow and series provide an in-depth look at the new fragrance and its underlying philosophy.[.bp-list-item]
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